3 Brand-Boosting Benefits of Custom USB Flash Drives

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It’s hard to find a single person these days who does not own a USB flash drive. Many of us have several of them on our work desks, in the car and in our bags. Now imagine your customers reaching for the flash drive and seeing your logo everytime they plug it in. Custom USB flash drives are an excellent way to boost your business branding. 

Why Opt for Custom USB Flash Drives?

USB flash drives are versatile, practical and used almost every day by people of all backgrounds, and for various reasons. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should consider custom USB flash drives for branding.

Increased Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty

With your company logo on a USB, it will automatically be top of mind every time customers use it (which could be several times in one day!). This is a great way to get both existing and potential customers to remember your brand, increase loyalty and repeat purchases.


Custom USB flash drives are cost effective as a marketing tool when compared to other strategies. You can purchase USB disks online in bulk from USB & MORE and have your logo printed or engraved. This makes it an affordable, lasting investment.

One Device, Many Uses

USB disks are multi-purpose, making them an excellent choice for branding. A custom USB flash drive can be used as a storage device and as a way for you to include pre-loaded promotional material such as videos or digital flyers for your customers to refer to again and again! It can also be shared with multiple people for added exposure.

A Variety of Options for Your Brand

USB & MORE is a leading online store that provides custom USB flash drives for your company to use as a powerful branding tool. We have an array of options such as the black & silver swivel USB with cardboard box, the 16GB stylus pen USB and bamboo USB flash drive for an eco-friendly twist. There’s also the bottle opener USB for the practical users, and diamond style USB for more glamorous clients. Whatever your market, we have something for everyone!

Custom USB flash drives are a fantastic way to boost your brand, offering something practical and cost-effective to your clients so they remember your name during their most important daily activities. Buy yours online at USB & MORE and enjoy free delivery anywhere in SA.

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