Cango Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder

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Say hello to Cango, a magnetic laptop phone holder strong enough to keep your devices secure in place! This convenient device will keep you multitasking like a pro - no more lost connections or hard-to-reach angles! (Plus, it looks pretty darn cool too!)

The Cango Magnetic Laptop Phone Holder allows you to keep your phone at eye level when working on your laptop to ensure a more productive day! Made from aluminum alloy, the holder has an adhesive backing that you stick on your laptop, an extendable arm to adjust the angle and a round magnetic disc that you attach to your phone which allows the phone to stay securely on the holder. Great for those who use their laptop in conjunction with their phone! Available in silver. Packaged in a plain black box.

Stick this flat, fold-able magnetic phone holder to the top of your laptop, and stick the metal disc to the back of your phone. This will allow you to view your phone alongside your open laptop screen – especially useful if you use your phone in conjunction with your laptop.

  • flat: 12 ( l ) x 3 ( w ) x 0.5 cm
  • aluminum alloy
  • round magnetic disc to stick on phone
  • adjustable arm
  • plain black box printed item code

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