Kooshty Kup Original -340ml

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Let Kooshty Kup be your original sidekick! It's the perfect companion for any adventure, holding up to 340ml of whatever drink you need to get through the day. Enjoy the benefits of a Kooshty Kup any time - it's a convivial cup with plenty of sass!

This Kooshty Original Glass Kup is 100% BPA-free glass and is available in a range of bright colors. The 340ml glass cup has a splash-proof silicone lid and a silicone band to help you grip and keep your drink nice and warm. The Kooshty Kup also perfectly fits into your car’s cup holder so it’s perfect for on the go use! Just remove the silicone band and the glass is both top-shelf dishwasher and microwave safe. Available in great colors to brighten up your drink ware range.

Those takeaway cups you use to get your morning coffee fix are not as recyclable as you may think. They are usually lined with a membrane of plastic to make them waterproof. This means they are not biodegradable and are not recyclable alongside the paper. The result is that they end up in landfills, or floating around in our oceans.
We can all help to reduce the production of around 500 billion of these coffee cups each year. Simply turn to your reusable Kooshty Kup Original to hold your hot drink. Most coffee shops will be happy to put your beverage into your Kooshty Kup, and may even give you a discount for saving them the cost of the single-use cup.
The Kooshty Kup Original, with its colorful silicone lid and grip band, is a fun and practical glass cup for the home or the office, and is ideal for coffee on the go, fitting comfortably inside your vehicle’s cup holder.
The ergonomically designed, splash safe silicone lid provides for a pleasant sipping experience. The funky silicone band keeps your drink warmer and protects your hands from the heat of the liquid inside the cup.

Use & Care:
– Wash before first use.
– Dishwasher safe, top shelf only.
– Microwave safe.

– Use with care when consuming hot beverages.
– Do not overfill.
– Ensure lid is secure before drinking.
– Do not hold glass filled with hot liquid without the silicone sleeve.
– Do not use glassware that is chipped or cracked.


Kooshty Kup Original - 340Ml|usbandmore

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