Okiyo Yashi Stylus Ball Pen

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Get your writing on the right track with the Okiyo Yashi Stylus Ball Pen! Its ergonomically designed rubber grip provides maximum control and comfort, while the stylus tip allows for smooth navigation on all touchscreen devices. Get ready for a writing experience that won't let you down!

Experience a writing experience like no other with the Okiyo Yashi Stylus Ball Pen! Featuring a luxuriously natural bamboo grip, an aluminium body, and a stylus pen top, this pen offers a smooth and effortless writing experience with black German ink that lasts for up to 1500 metres. Capture your thoughts in a way that feels truly natural!

  • aluminium & bamboo
  • black German ink
  • minimum 1500 metres writing distance
  • stylus pen top
  • bamboo grip

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